Richard G. Erskine


Training Director at the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy is a clinical psychologist with four decades of experience in the clinical practice and teaching of psychotherapy. He has specialized in the treatment of severely disturbed children, run a therapeutic community in a maximum-security prison, and conducted a psychotherapy practice specializing in the treatment of obsession, dissociation, and schizoid processes.


In 1972, as a professor at the University of Illinois, Dr. Erskine developed the initial concepts of Integrative Psychotherapy. By 1976 he established the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy in New York City and, along with members of the Professional Development Seminars, continued the development, research and refinement of a relational and integrative psychotherapy. Each year Dr. Erskine teaches formal courses and experiential workshops on the theory and methods in several countries around the world. He is a licensed Psychoanalyst, certified Transactional Analyst, internationally recognized Gestalt Therapist, and a certified Group Psychotherapist. He is the author of five books and numerous articles on the practice of psychotherapy.

relacional e integrativa. A cada ano ministra cursos de formação e oficinas em vários países ao redor do mundo. Ele é Psicanalista licenciado, tem certificado como Analista Transacional, possui reconhecimento internacional como Terapeuta Gestáltico e tem certificação como Psicoterapeuta de Grupo. Ele é autor de cinco livros e de numerosos artigos a respeito da prática de psicoterapia.